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Thank you for choosing to register with Our service allows teachers to create their own class web sites for students and parents. Each site is its own Community with class-specific information and resources. With the Select service, only registered students, parents, and teachers, using confidential and unique user names and passwords, can access the site. In order to create a account for you, we need to collect some information from you on the following registration pages.

Note to Teachers:

You should register and create your site before your students and parents register with Your first week is free and will use the Select service. Your Select service site is assigned a class name and class password that you must provide to the students and parents (a printable handout is available upon completion of your registration). If you decide to use the Public Page service instead, please be aware of the differences, especially that your students and parents will not need to register.

Note to Students and Parents:

Before you register with, make sure you have received a class name and class password from your teacher. You will need to enter this class name and password once at the end of the registration to unlock your site. If you don't know your class name and class password, ask the teacher before beginning registration. Note: If your teacher uses the Public Page service, you do not need to register. Your teacher will give you a URL to point your browser to, and no login will be required.

Note to All:

Before you proceed with registration, we recommend that you read the Privacy Statement to learn how your personal registration information is protected. Also, please read the following User Guidelines and Terms of Service before proceeding with registration.

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