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Beyond the one-week trial period, is accessed via one of following paid subscription services:
  • Select Service ($9/month or $99/year)
    This is our traditional full-fledged service. In addition to announcements, assignments, and links, you will be able to upload documents, receive homework uploads, enable email and discussion for your students and parents, and view logs of your students' access to the site. The pages you create using this service will not be publicly accessible. Students and parents will be required to register and log in to view your pages. The enrollment limit for this service is 30 students. Increments of 30 over this limit cost $4/month or $44/year. You are allotted 5 MB of space on our servers for document and homework uploads, with additional space available for $1 per 5MB per month, or $11 per 5 MB per year.

  • Public Page Service ($6/month or $66/year)
    This service enables you to maintain a presence for your class on the web for a smaller fee and without any limit on enrollment. However, you will be restricted to class announcements, assignments, and links. Not included are document uploading, homework submission, student email, discussion, and logging of student access. The pages you create using this service will be public. Students and parents will not need to register or log in to access them. All they will need is the address of the page. There are no enrollment limits for classes created using this service.

Paying for a Subscription subscriptions can be ordered using the form below. If you have not created a user account or class yet, please do so before submitting this form. After you submit this form we will contact you at the email address you provide regarding payment procedures. Credit cards are preferred.
Your personal user name:

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(If setting up multiple classes, please list the first here and additional ones in the comment box below.)

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(Please include any additional services you wish to purchase, like enrollment increases or extra server space.)

Visit our Q & A section for answers to frequently-asked questions about the subscription services. ©2011 elegant data llc
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