Class Web site for teachers, students, and parents Features is designed to be very easy to use while offering powerful capabilities that help teachers create their own interactive class web sites for students and parents. Each customized site contains class-specific information and resources. Select service sites are password-protected, as well. Follow the links below to learn more about the specific features of

Class Home -- This is the starting point for your site. Your class home page contains the most recent class announcement as well as a menu to get to other sections (assignments, email messages, discussion board posts, etc.).

Class Assignments -- No more forgotten homework assignments. All of the assignments for a week, month, or entire school year can be posted by the teacher and accessed 24 hours a day.

Class Resources -- A central location for resources of the teacher's choosing such as links to other web sites and all previous class announcements. Select service teachers are also able to upload class documents or media files here to share with the class.

Homework Drop Box -- (Select service only) The Homework Drop Box allows students to submit completed assignments electronically to the teacher.

Class Discussion Boards -- (Select service only) Ideal for extra help sessions or collaboration on group projects. Teachers and students can post messages to the discussion boards and create new discussion threads.

MyClass Email -- (Select service only) Everyone registered for your site can send messages to other site registrants. This allows for direct and personal communication between members of the class. For example, students can send questions directly to the teacher, or the teacher can send student progress reports to parents.

Teacher ToolBox -- This is a teacher-only area that holds the tools for creating and managing the class site. Post your class information quickly and easily with forms and templates. Help is available at all times. Community -- Communicate with teachers, students, and parents at other schools via themed discussion groups and shared resources. Exchange ideas on current events, shared areas of study, lesson plans, etc. ©2011 elegant data llc
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