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Getting your own interactive class web site is easy with When you (the teacher) register with, you set up a teacher password that allows you to modify your site on the secure web servers. You can easily post your own class-specific information such as class announcements, homework assignments, and links to other web sites.

Access advanced features easily. With the Select service, your site will also feature class discussion groups, MyClass email, and document uploading. Discussion groups can be used for extra help sessions or student collaboration on projects. You and your students can even share ideas with teachers and students at other schools. email enables you, students, and parents to communicate directly. Document uploading allows you to share documents with the class, or your students to upload their work to you.

You control access. Students and parents receive instructions from you to access your site. You can set up access in two ways. With the Public Page service, we provide you with a URL to give your students and parents to access your site. With the Select service, you can set up a more private page - students and parents will set up their own passwords and then subscribe to your site, using a class password you provide. Either way, your site will become a 24-hour resource that extends your teaching beyond the constraints of the class period schedule. connects your classroom with the home and the world of the Internet.

No technical skills are required. No HTML. No programming languages. You create your site with easy-to-use forms. You type in English or your language of choice -- not program code. Complete step-by-step instructions are always available. Furthermore, if you happen to have technical proficiency, limited HTML is also allowed in most forms.

There is nothing to install. Your site is hosted on our secure servers. You don't need to install any software or buy any additional computer equipment. Since you are viewing this web site, you already have everything you need to use

Your students are here already. Chances are, many of your students spend considerable time on the web at home or school. offers a web-based component of your class that will engage your web-surfing students. And they can access it 24 hours a day.

Parents can get more involved. Interested parents can visit your site to get updates on their child's class. And with the Select service, they can get their own accounts and communicate with you and other parents via email and discussion boards.

Many schools use With the Select service, you and your students can use the Community discussion groups to communicate with students and teachers from other schools who also use ©2011 elegant data llc
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