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Do I need my own web server or other special computer equipment to use
No. Your site will reside on our secure web servers. You don't need to install any software or purchase special equipment. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, running a web browser.

Do I need to know HTML or other programming languages to setup and maintain my site?
No. provides easy-to-use forms and templates to help you create and update your site. You work with text, not program code. You can create site pages by cutting and pasting from your existing documents or by simply typing information. If you do know HTML, it can be used to enhance your pages.

I don't use the Web very much with my classes. How can help get me started? gives you the tools to get up and running quickly and easily. will serve as the starting point for all of your students' Web-based learning activities. Not only will they be able to refer to your site for important class information (class announcements, test dates, homework assignments, etc.), but will also serve as a communication center for student, teacher, and parent collaboration outside of the classroom.

I already use the Web in my classes. How will enhance what I'm doing now?
With you can easily incorporate existing content into your web site. allows you to create links to other sites, upload your existing content, and launch existing online courseware from within your site. And with MyClass email and discussion boards, your site will become the class communication center.

How do students access the site?
Students can get to your site from any computer with Internet access, either from school or home. If you pick the Select service, each student will have his/her own unique user name and password to login to your site. They simply go to the member login screen at, and enter their user name and password. The Public Page service provides a page for your class with no login; all your students will need to know is the URL to your site.

Can parents visit the site?
Yes. Parents will be able to access a site made with the Public Page option just like students do - by typing a URL into their browser. Parents with students in a Select service class can register with to get their own passwords to your site. Either way, parents will be able to see important class information such as homework assignments and test dates. Select service class parents wil also be able to communicate with the teacher and other parents. The Parent Center contains other parent-specific resources.

I teach many classes. Can a teacher create more than one class site? Can a student register for more than one class site?
Yes, you may create as many class sites as needed. Teachers can build multiple sites with one user name/password. For Select service classes, students are able to use multiple sites with one user name/password, too.

How can I see who is using my site and which pages are being used the most?
The Select service allows teachers to view log reports for their site. The total number of site visits and the specific pages visited are listed for each registered user.

Does have ads?
No. used to operate for no charge, with banner ads and tile ads along the right hand side providing revenue. Since subscriptions were introduced, all ads have been removed.

Questions about Subscriptions

Is there a minimum commitment for the service?
No. subscriptions are be offered on a monthly or yearly basis with no minimum commitment.

Do you accept purchase orders? subscriptions can not be paid for with purchase orders. Please email
if you need more time to arrange an alternative method of payment.

Do parent accounts count toward the enrollment limit?
At the moment, yes. Ideally parent accounts would be free, but we could not think of an adequate way to discourage students from signing up as parents. We would love to hear any ideas or general input you might have on this subject.

Can I spread my enrollment allotment across all my classes?
Yes, but only if you are subscribing all your classes to the Select service, and you are the only teacher in all the classes. Please include the enrollment breakdown per class in your order.

Does an additional teacher account count toward the enrollment limit?
Yes, but as noted above, any teacher who spreads enrollment across multiple classes will not be able to add additional teacher accounts.

Is there a rate for the Select service for an unlimited amount of students?
No. Unfortunately, in the Select service load on the servers increases in direct proportion to the number of student accounts, so it does not make sense to allow any one class an unlimited number of student accounts. Teachers finding themselves in this situation should consider the Public Page service, which has no limit on enrollment.

How do I try out my own class before I buy?
Create a class using the Register link above. The class will be set to expire a week from the date of creation, and no enrollment or public viewing will be enabled during that time. Once you state intentions to pay for one of the services by filling in the Subscribe form or emailing , we will activate the account immediately, at which time you will have one month to submit payment. Your first payment will include the month of activation and at least one month into the future. For more information see the Preview section.

Please direct all other questions about subscriptions to .

If you have other questions, please send them via email to the Staff. ©2011 elegant data llc
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